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Jarah Cotton
Sophomore Jarah Cotton has a compassionate yet competitive personality that both combines together to create a very structured person. Cotton has been playing basketball since the age of five. Cotton, who is the oldest out of two brothers, grew up watching her dad coach as well as play basketball. Cotton also ended up getting motivated to be like him. When growing up Cotton used to have these three boys that use to always come over to her house to play basketball. “I’m really girly; I just love sports,” Cotton said. Besides being a sporty person, Cotton is also family oriented. Cotton looks up to her mother because she is determined yet always kept in line with her goals. Cotton says she also looks up to her because since her mother is a working women who also can focus on her family and keep her priorities together. “I feel like I’m a mixture of my mom and dad because I get my determination from my mom and my compassion from my dad,” Cotton said. Most times Cotton feels as if she doesn't need to study for her academics. But on the other hand, Cotton says it takes her more practice with basketball to master a skill.In June 2016, Cotton and her family moved to Georgia from North Carolina because of her dad’s job. “When my dad told me that we were moving I wanted to move in with my friend so that I could stay,” Cotton said. At first Cotton felt like she was the odd one out but she started to make friends along the way. “It was hard to make friends because everyone already had their own little cliques,” Cotton said. But along the way she met one friend that was able to make Cotton feel welcomed. “Jarah is the type of person where if she doesn't know you she will be shy, but on the other hand if you do know her you will find that she is a very chill and laid back person,” junior Kierra Hester said. Hester and Cotton became friends when Hester invited Cotton to sit with her and her friends at lunch. Ever since then they have been good friends, and will continue to be. Cotton plans on staying focused and continuing to play basketball. She has her friends and her parents to help her along the way.

Jarah Cotton, Staff Writer

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