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Indians find meaning in collections

by Lauryn Porter, Staff Writer

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Collecting is a hobby that most individuals have had at one point in their life.

French Teacher Katherine Conner has an enormous collection of 300 Olympic pins from the 1984 Olympics.

“I collect the pins because my father got tickets [to the 1984 Olympics] and he was into it and so I am,” Conner said. “My dad would always get me to get the best trades for the pins because I was a cute blue eyed, blonde haired little girl.”

Conner has had her collection since she was nine years old.

“I was interested in the pins, because they were cute,” Conner said. “I also wanted to get the most pins because I am super competitive with my dad.”

Currently, Conner has the 300 pins locked away into a safe deposit box.

Chloe Smith, a junior at McEachern, collects numerous socks from Dollar Tree. There are a total of 36 socks in her dollar sock collection.

“I love the variety of styles you cannot find anywhere else,” Smith said.

Her collection began when the new Dollar Tree was built on Macedonia Road last year.

“I like the way the material feels in-between my toes,” Smith said. “The socks are also very soft, more than you would expect for a dollar.”

Smith plans on continuing her collection of socks from the Dollar Tree and allowing it to grow as large as possible.

Administrator Christi Osborne began her collection of wooden signs with quotes on them 25 years ago.

Her collection began when she was given her first quoted item as a gift. It was a jar that says, “Ashes of Problem Students.”

“I liked the cute little sayings on the signs, then I found more and I started collecting,” Osborne said.

Currently, Osborne has 45 wooden signs in her collection. 20 signs reside at her home and 25 in her school office.



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Indians find meaning in collections