Reasons for playing mobile games are more than meets the eye

by Xakia Jones, Staff Writer

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Mobile gaming is everything video gaming is, but in the palm of your hands. Most students enjoy thrill-seeking mobile games that involve action.

“I like games that include lots of adventure,” sophomore Ashanti Jacobs said. “If the game doesn’t give me a type of thrill or rush then I quickly lose interest.”

In addition to playing games purely for pleasure, some students and staff also download games that further their knowledge on a particular topic.

Some students, such as junior Wayzaro Weir, download apps like Duolingo to further their education. Teacher Anquia Bowden uses programming applications as a resources to enhance students’ understanding of certain educational standards.

Administrator James Lockhart, though, says that his gaming is primarily for personal pleasure.

“Games are like my cigarettes because they help me relax so much.” Lockhart said.

In an article published by The American Academy of Pediatrics, mobile gamers were compared to non-mobile gamers in a study that proved that children who incorporated more mobile gaming into their free time exhibited higher levels of prosocial behavior and less conduct problems.

 Psychology teacher Tracy Maher loved video games so much she decided to create a club for her and the other students on campus.

“To share gaming tips and also because of my love of games that her and her fellow students loved,” Maher said.

Mobile games are used as distractions all throughout this campus, mainly from class. In fact, many justify mobile gaming with the simple answer that class is boring.

Some students, though, have interests that extend beyond this.

“They’re fun,” junior Lyjia Hearn said. “You learn stuff that you don’t learn in real life.”

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