Technology causes sleep deprivation in teens

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Technology causes sleep deprivation in teens

by Sharell Minnis, Staff Writer

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Studies have shown that technology causes teens to lose sleep: enough that their lives are negatively affected.

According to the ASPEN Education Group, teens tend to become sleep deprived due to the large amounts of time they spend using technology in the hours before they go to sleep. Teachers are disgruntled by the negative effects that this has on students’ performances in their classes, and feel that parents should be just as concerned about the issues with teenage technology usage as they are with the benefits.

“I think that just like everything there are pros and cons for it. Very beneficial for kids in some way, but kids are addicted to their cellphones,” algebra teacher Jake Burgdorf said. “Yes I think that they are losing sleep because of their cellphones … if the parents take it away then it would be a lot easier.”

Teachers feel that teens should learn to add limitations to their technology usage, and use it for good things like research for school work and other informational things.

“I’m kind of a techno geek myself, so I love technology, but technology with limits,” administrator Christi Osborne said.

She also believes that technology does have goodness to it.

“There is a great deal of knowledge and a great deal of opportunity that comes with technology,” Osborne said.

Not all teenagers have struggled with sleeping problems due to technology. Some use it primarily in positive ways and know when to turn it off.

“…it’s a great creation, it has really helped our civilization grow because without it we would be like a third world country,” Junior Carlous Kelly said.

Kelly also mentioned that he likes to use the calculator that is provided on his cellphone to help him to solve math problems, and claims that his screen time never interfered with his rest.

“Technology never causes a problem with my sleeping. I stay on the phone for a good hour or two and then I fall asleep,” Kelly said.

Some teens agree with the studies and want technology to be limited to everyone, because of the way it is also limiting human interaction with others.

“I think technology is stupid, what we use on our phones today is pretty unnecessary…. When we use it for work of course it is very useful, but we don’t need to be on our phones 24/7,” senior Karina Trevino said.  “There should be a limit on technology usage because we don’t interact with each other so now would be a good time to start.”

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