How to transfer extensions between Chrome and Opera

by Andrew Okwuosah, Digital Editor

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Opera has been my preferred web browser for a long time now for a few reasons: The interface is impeccable, the new sidebar with support for messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger comes in handy, and pop-out video is the most useful new feature I’ve seen in years for a web browser. However, Opera lacks (a lot) in the extensions department especially when you compare it to my former browser Google Chrome.

One look through the extension stores on both browsers tells the entire story: Chrome is filled to the brim with new extensions, while Opera is half-full at best. However, there is one silver lining: Opera is powered by WebKit, the same browsing engine that powers Google Chrome, so extensions from both stores can be used on either browser.

To do this, you need to have updated versions of both Chrome and Opera.

To install a Chrome extension in Opera, install the Chrome Extension Installer from the Opera add-on store. Then, go to the Chrome Web Store from Opera and install whatever extension you want. You should see an Add to Opera button on any given extension. It’ll download, install, and work normally.

Now, to do the reverse, you’ll need to download the Opera extension, rename it, and install it in Chrome. Here’s how:

·         Go to the add-ons store

·         When you find an extension you like, right-click the “Add to Opera” button and select “Save Linked Content As…” and save the .nex extension file.

·         Rename the .nex file to end with .crx

·         Open Chrome, and drag and drop the newly renamed file onto it. You’ll be prompted to review the permissions before installing, but you should be good to go.

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