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Reasons for $50 student parking fee explained

by Kiersten Rueckert, Staff Writer

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Having a car comes with responsibilities such as driving safely, obeying traffic laws, and a rule that students may not like so much: paying $50 to park on campus each semester.

According to Cobb County School District’s parking contract, each student that parks on campus is required to have a parking decal. The parking decal is used to provide information about the students’ cars so that the school can have information about who’s parking on their campus.

Students are obligated to provide their driver’s license, insurance, vehicle type, and vehicle tag number. This information is used for safety precautions. The injunction of having a parking decal is enforced because the administration needs to know who is parking on their campus.

When students buy a decal and fill out a contract, they are saying that they will abide by all the rules and if they don’t they will be held accountable for their actions.

“In life things cost, I can’t go and park downtown without paying a fee to park there,” principal Regina Montgomery said. “It’s a life lesson that if it is private property they get to make the rules for whoever parks there.”  


Most students already know that things in life have a cost especially the individuals that are looking at their future college tuitions and debt.

The bus is always an option, but the students who drive to school are required to pay to come and get their education.

For some students their parents take care of the cost with no problem, but for others it can become a hardship. In some students’ minds, the money is just collected and given back to the school.

“The cost is way too much,” sophomore Zoe Hutcherson said. “Some of us (students) already pay for our insurance and gas.”

However the money goes to the Cobb County Board of Education. A portion of the cost pays for campus police officers’ salary and maintaining the parking lot like curb painting and picking up trash.

Students may complain about having to pay this money, especially the ones that pay for their own car expenses. Teacher Amy Voakes thinks differently about this responsibility.

“Driving and maintaining a car is expensive as far as paying a car payment, paying for insurance, etc,” Voakes said. “That additional parking fee is just one of those fees that goes along with having a car. If that $50 is a challenge then maybe you shouldn’t be driving.”

If a student fails to pay the money, the student will not march at graduation because “that is a fee they owe to the county,” Montgomery said. They are prohibited from moving forward with their education because they are in debt with the county.

At the age of 16, students already owe money to their schools’ county.

Although the fee to park each semester seems dramatic, students have to pay this fee or consequences will be enforced.

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Reasons for $50 student parking fee explained