President’s word choice affects office reputation

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President’s word choice affects office reputation

by Naronie Jerome, Staff Writer

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A president’s words matter. A president’s choice of words can either bring division or unity to a nation. Not only does a president’s word choice effect his presidency, it effects his audience.   

A president must not use demagoguery to capture his audience and gain popularity.    

“It makes him look bad because when it’s time for us to vote again people won’t vote for him anymore,” senior Stephan Coulanges said.

A demagogic leadership defies national unity and impairs the democracy of this country.

“When certain words are used it should be those words that describe not a particular race or sex or certain group but the United States, which is a variety of different ethnic groups,” administrator James Lockhart said.

America is a melting pot full of diverse cultures, so it is important that a president takes this factor into consideration because as Lockhart says, his words “can encourage or discourage depending of course on what is used.”  

The president of the United States must be a great leader for his people. A leader in which people can look up to and confide in.  

“The president is our chief diplomat so everything he says represents this country, so he has to be very careful about the things he says,” social studies teacher Matthew Lawrence said, “because the things that he says don’t just represent him: they represent 460 million Americans.”  

Whether it is behind closed doors or on a podium in front of millions of Americans, it is important that he takes in consideration of every individual.  

If and when a president says something that negatively effects a group of individuals he must be held accountable.  

“Being in the position you’re in there is a level of accountability,” Lockhart said.

When the leader of a country is not held accountable for his actions it opens a door for others to the same.   

The responsibility of holding a president accountable for his actions is in the hands of the citizens. America is a republic with a representative democracy therefore the power is held by the people and the representatives the people elect. The first amendment gives people the right to speak freely so make your voice heard. 

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