Women should be afforded equal opportunities in football

by Sharell Minnis, Staff Writer

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Women should be allowed to play any football position.

America’s opinion on the topic of female participation in football has been divided since the sport’s inception, due to the fact that women have only been allowed to play as kickers.

Women should be allowed to play football as more than just a kicker; there should be equal opportunities for both male and female prospects.

“If any person can do the job and do it at the level that is acquired of them then they should do that job”. Administrator James Bishop Said.

Women have been allowed to serve in the Marine Corps alongside the men since April 6, 1917 Our nation has decided that it is permissible for women to serve in the combat – a job that can potentially be fatal to the women ‐ but refuse to allow them to participate in one of our nation’s favorite sports.

“Women can join the marine corps now, so if a women can join the Marine Corps then she can definitely participate in a football game.” History teacher Matthew Lawrence said.

Men are about 10% larger than women. This could play a big factor when it comes to why people find a women playing football to be unsettling.

“We do have a different body structure then men, physically our muscles are define differently, our bones are differently and our bodies do change.” Language Arts teacher Amanda Theriot‐Greenwell said

Over the years a female has been allowed to play on a high school football team but only as a kicker, whether or not they should be allowed to play as more than that is a topic that has always been up for debate.

“I think that if a women is physically gifted enough and doesn’t feel like they’re going to be injured because of the size of the other guys, then sure they should be allowed to play whatever position they want.” Football coach Jake Burgdorf said.

The fact that there are more positions to be played has been backed up with others opinions.

“I feel like if you’re going to play football you can’t just play one position”. Junior Chelcey Glorie said.

Being able to stand out from other players are able to help a women’s chances of getting on the team.

“I think that if they are good enough to play any position, if they have the ability to rise to the top across the board, then they should be allowed to play any position that they are good enough to play.” Lawrence said

Finding a women playing football so unsettling has been a factor that many have used as to why a women should not be allowed to play football as more than just a kicker or even play football at all. But why do they find it unsettling in the first place?

“People think that women are weak and incapable of doing stuff like that, but you see women being body builders just like men, so I’m pretty sure a female can play football just like any other man.” Junior Kalye Bryant said.

Looking at the football team here at Mceachern high school, The team is obviously only consisted of males, the chances of a female joining the team don’t seem likely in the near future but is possible.

“I think that anytime soon it’s going to be very low, also I think that a lot of our girls here would not be open to it”. Greenwell said. “ It’s not going to be an easy road, I have seen girls who play as more than just a kicker, and I think that they can do so as long as they can handle the physical endurance and the emotional strength that comes with getting those taunts and commentary that you’re going to get.” Greenwell said.

Women should not be subjected to playing as only a kicker simply because they are female.  Football teams should not be intrigued by a women wanting to play football and should allow her the same opportunities as the male competitors on the team.

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