McEachern student section brings new, explosive energy to Friday night football

by Lauryn Porter, Staff Writer

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It’s that time of year again;  school is back in session which also means school sports are back and running. 

Student sections are essential to high school football games, but the school spirit and energy in McEachern’s student section has lessened over the past few years. This year, the McEachern spirit team has set a goal to change that. l

This school year the McEachern spirit team has huge plans for bringing back school spirit into our schools student section for the football season. “Being apart of the spirit team is a good way to get involved in the school, you get to support and hype the team,” junior Zoe Hutcherson said. “Football is such a huge part of McEachern that you just want to be a part of it.”

The McEachern spirit team has numerous members this year, and the majority of the members come from the junior and senior class. “Underclassmen are now allowed and have a bigger part in the student section, before the student section was mainly ran by seniors but now all grades are a part of it,” senior Morgan Green believes.

Administrator Alvin Thomas has also noticed different grade levels coming together through school spirit. “The junior and senior classes are more active and involved with each other this year than in other years,” Thomas said.

The spirit team’s positive energy and eagerness to get students involved has led to the student section being the best and most packed it has been in years.

“There is more students in the student section this year compared to previous years,” Administrator Alvin Thomas, who who oversees the student section and ensures that everything runs smoothly, said. “The energy is very high level, there is lots of excitement and lots of students coming together and having fun.”

“This year the students are more pumped and everyone has great energy,” senior Tennicay Young said.” Students who come to the games come to enjoy the game instead of coming for other unnecessary and negative reasons.”

The student section is a great way to meet new people. All grades come together with one common goal, to cheer the team to victory. “The student section allows you to meet new people,” Green said. “You talk to students you may have never met before because you all have the same goal of cheering the team to victory.”

The football team has also noticed the difference of students supporting in the student section this year compared to previous years. “We love all the support we have been getting this year,” head football coach Kyle Hockman said. “There is no question their enthusiasm makes a huge difference, their energy lifts the players up, and the players notice while they are on the field. Keep it up.”

“The positive energy from the student section gives us [football team] motivation throughout the game,” senior football player Stephen Benn said.

The explosive energy from students at football games is something that the class of 2019 seniors hope to leave their legacy with.
“I am going to miss witnessing the whole community coming together to support their team every Friday night,” senior marching band drum major Rachel Lester said.“Football players, athletic trainers, cheerleaders, band members, and dedicated spectators in the student section come together for a common purpose. The unique environment that Friday night lights creates is a special one that I will always remember.”


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