Black History Should be an elective

by Cameron Sanders, Staff writer

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Black history should unequivocally be an elective provided in schools as, the topic of black history is diminished to a few chapters in European- dominated social studies books.


“Their is less Afrocentric history because the winners tell the story “social studies department administrator Dan Torrenti said.


African-Americans have played major roles in American history ,yet are simply skimmed over in the standards taught by teachers. By making black history an elective students and adults of the future will be more open minded to cultures other than their own.


“It’s beneficial to me so we don’t see people in society repeat mistakes in the past” said freshman Jesus Leijah


Additionally, it gives students more background information on topics that are equally important including, the Civil Rights movement where African-Americans such as, Frederick Douglass, Thurgood Marshall and Marcus Garvey fought for African American rights across the U.S. Also the topic of slavery itself, where Africans were stolen from their country and forced to live and work into hazardous and deadly conditions.


“Sometimes the inventions may have come out of the fields but we only hear about the people who industrialized it” Department chair of Social Studies Barbra Byke said.


Students should have the choice to know what history simply ignores, especially predominantly African- American high schools of Georgia. European studies only gear towards one group of people causing a social divide between the many culture in schools. When in reality all cultures need to be taught to the vast majority of students in high school.


“We want to focus on things that could get our students into college” of McEachern High School  Principal Regina Montgomery.


Learning black history itself, is a gateway to college as it would open students minds intellectually to information that hasn’t been exposed to them before. So there’s no reason it shouldn’t be an elective when we have electives such as, Team Sports, Weight training and Aerobic dance which have nothing to do with education at all become part of schools.


“I think this idea would be a pro for everyone to open their mind up to say that history wasn’t ruled by one group or culture of people” said senior Tyler Hayes.


African American studies is what high schools need to get students to broaden their way of thinking. Just by learning information that history teachers may not have time for may change students entire outlook on the world around them. As a young black man in the world I feel robbed of my history, just knowing that there are multiple Afro-American figures that shaped the world I live in today bothers me internally.


“All cultures will benefit from this class because most people just don’t know the accomplishments and achievements of African Americans throughout history” U.S history teacher Tekeshia Hill said.


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