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by Aisling E. McHenry-Steele, Staff

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Dreamgirls is set to grace the stage of John McEachern High School Performing Arts Center in April of 2019.

Dreamgirls is a musical centered around a female singing trio that hails from Chicago, Illinois called The Dreams. The story follows The Dreams as they climb the stair to stardom among other great R&B acts such as Jackie Wilson, James Brown and The Supremes.

“The music is awesome, it is definitely a feel good musical,” Megan Dickens, the head of the Theatre Arts Department said. “There’s lots of flash and sparkle, which I love. And there’s tons of dancing, which I also love.”

Teachers at McEachern hope that the students will be supportive and approach the idea with open minds and arms. Many of the students, when first interviewed, were not aware of this musical’s presence at our school. But many had a positive response and said, “we’re definitely coming to see it!”

“Dreamgirls is a musical that is heavily danced, sung, and acted; so, triple threats would be great,” Dickens said. “But if you’re not strong in one area or two, that’s fine. We’re willing to teach, that’s what we’re here for. I see it as a learning experience.”

The auditions for Dreamgirls start at four o’clock pm on January 28th, January 29th, January 30th,and end at six o’clock pm. If performing isn’t your cup of tea, but you want to be involved, talk to Mrs. Dickens in the Fine Arts Center about helping with costume or set design. If you’re a techie, ask to help with lighting and music. Or, maybe you’re just curious to see what the theatre and music departments will do. She looks forward to seeing you at the Performing Arts Center at seven o’clock pm on April 19th.

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