Female athletes are more coach-able than their male counterpart

by Cameron Sanders, Staff writer

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Through the agonising pain of practice to the perseverance to finish every rep, female athletes are advancing at a much faster rate now more than ever, as they are simply more coachable then their male counterpart.

Genetically boys have more of a physical edge than females but, being more physically built doesn’t really correlate with team play, which girls are seemingly excelling at.

“Girls tend to listen a little bit more so they focus more on primary skills, while boys tend to be more one on one or flashy,”Assistant girls basketball coach Justin McClellan said.

Women began playing sports in the early 1900’s as they made their first appearance in the Olympic games in the events of tennis, croquet and golf. Since, then they have been able to develop their skills through the same coaching methods as male athletes.

“Somebody years ago asked me why I don’t coach boys it’s because boys don’t listen ,but now I make that statement more positive by saying girls listen and girls are way more coachable,” Head lacrosse coach Patrick Lynch said.

By girls being able to apply what they have been coached to the court or field allows their success as a team to sky rockets. For instance McEachern’s girls basketball team has found more success in the last five years than McEachern’s boys five star filled boys basketball team, as the girls have won 5 straight state championships.
“We just want to play as one and get better as a team” lacrosse team captain Brianna Smith said.

Females also, tend to give their coaches much more initial respect, rather than reserving judgment or making their coaches prove they are credible. Making coaching them less rigorous and more enjoyable.

“Girls pay more attention to detail about everything while the boys are more focused on getting it done,” Head swim team coach Troy Postell said.

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