11 Netflix titles to binge during Black History Month

by Najja Parker, AJC

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Black History Month is officially underway, and there are several ways to celebrate the occasion.

If you’re interested in learning about African-American heroes and their stories, Netflix has got you covered.

Here are 11 titles to binge throughout the month.

“High Flying Bird”

The flick follows sports agent Ray Burke as he changes the basketball industry during an NBA lockout. It’ll be available to stream Feb. 8.

“Remastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke”

The documentary explores the murder of the singer in 1964. It’ll be available to stream Feb. 8.

“Siempre Bruja”

The fantasy series is about 19-year-old Carmen, a slave and witch from the 17th century, who is forced to travel to the current day.

“Strong Island”

The film details the murder of William Ford Jr. in 1992 and examines the impact on his family.

“The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson”

The documentary investigates the death of the gay liberation activist Marsha P. Johnson.

“Black Earth Rising”

The drama highlights the relationship between Kate, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, and her adopted mother.


This flick takes an intimate look into the life of Quincy Jones, a celebrated and award-winning producer.

“Come Sunday”

The true story is based on a black minister, Carlton Pearson, who was ostracized by the church for questioning the validity of hell.

“LA 92”

The movie outlines the events and circumstances surrounding the Los Angeles riots in 1992.

“Roxanne Roxanne”

The biopic follows the rise of Roxanne Shante and the obstacles she faced as one of the first famous female MCs.

“Paris is Burning”

The documentary focuses on the gay and transgender communities in the 1980s.

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