Sandy Plains Road eatery fails health inspection

by MDJ Staff, MDJ

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Editor’s Note: This information is taken from inspection reports found on the Georgia Department of Health’s Environmental Health Search Portal.


2745 SANDY PLAINS RD STE 106 MARIETTA, GA 30066-4387

Last Inspection Score: 58

Last Inspection Date: 02-14-2019

Inspector Notes:

— Observed kitchen staff remove items from floor and return to food prep without washing hands. Observed dish washing employee handle dirty then clean dishes without washing hands in between. Corrective action: Employee properly washed hands.

— Observed handwashing sink by grill blocked by buckets and food items. Observed handwashing sink by warmers with basket inside for dumping. A handwashing facility may not be used for purposes other than handwashing. Corrective action: Person in charge (PIC) cleared access to hand sinks and removed extraneous items.

— Observed raw chicken stored above raw fish and raw meatloaf, and raw ground beef stored immediately adjacent to raw vegetables in walk-in cooler. Observed raw ground beef stored in container with bell peppers in prep area. All cooked/ready to eat foods must be stored above all raw meats. Raw meats must be stored by their internal cook temperatures. Corrective action: PIC properly arranged items according to internal cook temperatures.

— Observed knives stored for use in active prep areas with food debris and residue on blades and around handle. Observed vegetable chopper stored as clean with food debris on interior. Observed can opener with food debris built up on blade. Corrective action: PIC washed items.

— Observed ham in warming cabinet, which was powered off, measuring at 56 F. Observed cut cantaloupe on buffet line at 48 F and cut lettuce on buffet line at 46 F. Observed half-and-half in ice bath at server station at 60 F. All cold holding of TCS food needs to be maintained at 41 F or below at all times. Corrective action: PIC turned on warmer to properly cook ham for hot holding, discarded half-and-half, and moved cantaloupe and lettuce to cooler.

— Observed cooked onions in oven at 128 F. PIC indicated onions had been in warmer over two hours. Hot holding food must be maintained at 135 F or above at all times. Corrective action: PIC discarded onions.

— Observed white cleaning powder at mop sink with no label. Observed spray bottle of cleaner in dry storage with no label. Corrective action: PIC labeled containers.

— Observed sanitizer bucket at 0 ppm Cl and sanitizing sink at 10 ppm Cl. Observed several wet cloths stored outside sanitizer solution throughout prep areas. No corrective action listed.

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