McEachern students are taking on Scotland and Ireland Summer of 2019

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McEachern students are taking on Scotland and Ireland Summer of 2019

by Lauryn Porter, Staff Writer

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The information students learn in the classroom comes to life by traveling the world and exploring new places and cultures.

McEachern literature teachers Whitney Chandler and Brittany Honea are traveling to Ireland and Scotland June 12th through June 19th, 2019 with 12 of our very own students.

Overseas field trips are planned months in advance through a program called Education First (EF) tours.“First we come up with a team organizer, on this trip it is Mrs. Honea, then we pick dates to go, and which country we would like to visit,” trip chaperone and literature teacher Whitney Chandler said. “then we find students who are interested in going and we hold a interest meeting.”

This year Scotland and Ireland were the two chosen countries to visit. “There is a lot of historical landmarks in Scotland, there is even more value from students,” Chandler said.

On their overseas trip with EF Tours, students will be attending multiple historical and educational landmarks that they learn about in their school textbooks. The attending students will visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Shankill Row, The Titanic Museum, and Robert Burns Cottage. These are a few of the exciting places students on this trip will explore.

“I have always wanted to try to go to as many countries as I can, so once I’ve heard about the opportunity I signed up,” Senior Alivia Thompson said. “I am excited to see the different type of cultures and lifestyles of people who live in Scotland and Ireland, also I am excited to see  the environment of these countries and how the country look in real life.”

When students study overseas it improves the students with personal responsibility, helps them form a sense of identity, and helps them learn about the world with firsthand experience. “Students are able to see with their own eyes what they are learning with first hand experience,” Chandler said.

Senior Swaize Meeks is one of the students going on this trip. This will be her fourth time out of the country. “Going to Ireland has always been on my bucket list,” Meeks said. “I wanted to go on this trip because I wanted to go to a country I have dreamed of going to, while being able to experience things other tours do not get to experience, we get like the VIP experience.”

The “VIP experience” Meeks is talking about is the opportunities students on this trip receive that normal vacations do not offer. On this trip students receive a full-time tour director, 3 sightseeing tours led by expert, licensed local guides, personalized learning experiences, round-trip flights, 6 overnight stays in hotels with european breakfast and dinner daily.

Traveling overseas provides students with new and different opportunities they may not receive at school. Administrator Alvin Thomas said, “I believe students going overseas improves a students brain, they can see things beyond Powder Springs and have different opportunities they may not have here.”

If you are interested in attending this great opportunity it is not too attend this trip. Go visit Mrs. Chandler in Senior 105 or Mrs. Honea is Freshman 109 for more information.

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