by Bianca Theodore, Senior Editor

Over the years, this school has seen a lot of positive change- from the addition of state-of-the-art facilities to the evolvement of our academics and curriculum. Reflecting that progression is our 2014 graduation rate of 81. 4%. From 2011’s average of 73 9%, there has been an increase of 9.56% in just four years.

Increasing the number of graduates was a solution that came of various tactics, including curriculum changes and attention placed on those students in the danger zone for failing.

“We identified students who were behind on their credits and gave them the opportunity to take online classes,” Principal ReginaMontgomery said.

Not only has the school offered those alternative avenues, but the graduation requirements themselves have changed. Instead of taking the dreaded Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) which is a senior exam based on the four core subjects, diploma eligibility is now based upon other factors. Though attaining 23 credits remains a requirement, the GHSGT has been replaced with End of Course Tests  (EOCT), standardized tests that only cover the material learned in one class.

But the graduation rate is not a fixed grade, and fluctuation is annually apparent in every school. Many of the neighboring schools in Cobb County even have negative scores, reflecting a declining graduation rate from years past. In the past four years, McEachern’s graduation rate has gone nowhere but up and will continue on its upward slope.

“Our long term goal,” Principal Regina Montgomery said. “is to reach nothing less than 100%.”