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180 Day Rule

The student teacher connection

by Tianna Smith, Publicist

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Every time I walk in the door my stomach drops below my knees, and then when I see the one face I can trust an overwhelming calm pours over me; filling me with the confidence I need to keep striving. Loyalty, honesty, care, support … a teacher. These are traits you as a student should experience from a teacher; that experience is banked by the quality of the relationship, a relationship which lies solely in your hands.

Whether it’s semester long or year long, students decide the direction of their journey through high school. Regardless of what year you’re entering, you should always come to school with a positive attitude in order to build a strong relationship with your teachers.

Say you’ve been struggling all year in a class, and with the arrival of Christmas break there’s also an absence of joy; your biggest nightmare as a borderline pass or fail student.As you stride into the classroom to take your final the glossiness of your empty eyes are apparent. A few days later; while checking your grades, the heavy feeling of failure washes over you because you know you didn’t do as well as you wanted. Tears filling your eyes, your heart drops, but then you look again and your average has changed for the better. That’s right, your teachers watched you all year long and saw how much you’ve put into the class altogether.

Even if you aren’t an above average student, effort can go an extremely long way. It can’t be stressed enough that teachers aren’t your enemy. Having a strong relationship with your teacher will help them help you in more ways than one. When you connect with your teacher, they connect back. This not only improves your ability to learn and understand, but it pushes the teacher to want to make you better and as a result it benefits them too by broadening their teaching abilities. It’s been proven by the APA (American Psychological Association) that students that have stronger connections with their teachers have a greater desire to learn and the will to take advantage of their opportunities.

With that I challenge you to communicate with your teacher, confide in them with your worries and struggles in the classroom, and don’t be afraid to be a student!

We’re starting fresh, so ask yourself, “What kind of relationship will I have with my teachers?” The decision? That’s strictly up to you.

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180 Day Rule