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You won’t “@” them

by Tianna Smith, Publicist

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Last week I brushed up on high school relationships in their entirety, but this week I want to go a little deeper and talk about a recurring theme within these relationships: miscommunication.

You’d think with so many forms of social media, something as simple as communication would be the least of worries between two people. Not so surprisingly it’s the thing that kills these frivolous relationships quicker than anything. It’s very common within our generation to use different ways to express things we want to say without actually saying them to the other person. We also go about it in a very publicized way that can cause additional problems.

Say you and your significant other are arguing, and either one or the both of you turn to social outlets such as twitter in order to “subtweet” each other and project your personal issues to the public. Instead of confronting each other and working together to pinpoint the specific problems you’re having in your relationship, you have now made it your problem, their problem, and all 734 of your followers’ problem.

Something as simple as this can cause outsiders to intervene and become aware of the fact that you and your partner are having issues. Now they want to share their opinions that aren’t in the slightest way germane to either of you and it becomes so much bigger than what it should have been. If the two of you had just taken the time to make one phone call and privately terminate the squabble, maybe things would be different. Though now, it’s too late to turn back and 26 mentions and 10 text messages later you two are finally on the phone and the silence is dreadful because the only question left to ask is… What are we?

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
You won’t “@” them