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Fight Me Then

by Felicha Laforest, Assitant Editor, Graphic Designer

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In Kentucky, county clerk Kim Davis had been taken into custody for denying a marriage license to a same sex couple. Her reason for declining them a license was that it was against God’s mandate. As she was being walked out of the court room, there stood two crowds of protesters both protesting their views on the situation.
Davis has the right to believe whatever she believes, and she knows and has taken the consequences that were given when her beliefs led her to breaking the law.
Her actions are now seen as a heroic example in the Christian community and a hate crime in the homosexual community.
With this story you must consider the faults. The supporters of LGBT are protesting about hate, but are showing hate towards their enemies. However, the followers of God are showing hate when they’re supposed to believe that “God is love.”
Both sides are right and wrong, everyone has a right to defend their views and fight for what they are against.
However, these sides are supposed to be promoting love. When you think of a homosexual you think of someone who is accepting and loving. When you think of a Christian you think of a peaceful person who is gentle and kind. One thing these two groups has in common is that they embrace love.
Who is to blame when it comes to being morally wrong?
Kim Davis for knowing her position as a county clerk and not acting as a respectable Christian in the situation.
The protestor for each side are to blame for acting hypocritical towards what they stood for.

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Fight Me Then