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Blood is thicker than water?

by Tianna Smith, Publicist

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Sometimes, we as humans have a tendency to not know how to feel when we’re presented with the unknown. It could be unknown information, unknown people, or even unknown experiences that put us in a position to really question how we see and interpret life. Recently I’ve experienced a death in the family but I had never met or even heard of her. So now, the day before the funeral I’m having this strong internal battle with myself.

Is it right for me not to be emotionally affected by this? Does this mean something is wrong with me? Am I an unfeeling person? These are all questions that have been constantly taunting my thoughts since I found out about her passing. Then more questions started to arise… WHY didn’t I know of her? WHY had we never met? The relationships I have with my paternal side of the family are almost nonexistent compared to those I have with my maternal side.

So what exactly is it that makes us “family”? In a literal sense it’s of course blood relation, but for me family is defined as those willing to love you more than they love themselves. That ideal of wanting more for you and the people you love is something I feel very strongly about.

Yes, she was someone I shared blood with, but in my eyes, she was as close to me as someone walking down the street. From this recent experience it has made me want to build more of these important bonds and relationships within my family. That way, when I’m at a family function and I see these faces that should be familiar I don’t have to ask…. “What are we?”

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
Blood is thicker than water?