Compromise St.

by Lindsey Camp, web designer

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A church can be filled with over a thousand people, you walk in and you’re sitting there and you know good and well that you don’t abide by any of these teachings or practices that you are learning.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is touting his religious background. Donald Trump spoke at a news conference on August 25, 2015. At this news conference he spoke on his beliefs and feelings towards certain topics. I have confidence in the fact that Donald Trump feels that if he shows that he has “morals” that he will seem more appealing.

Most people feel that going to church can make them a noble individual. Going to your place of worship and sitting down and engaging in religious activities does not make one a respectable person. I attend a baptist church every Sunday; when I walk in, It is very easy to see who is there for the right reasons and who is just attending for their reputation.

If Jesus came back today, more than half of the people that sit in a church would be left on earth. There are people who have strong faith that are not able or choose not to attend a place of worship.

Therefore saying that you love your god or higher power is easy to do, but actually practicing what you preach is harder than it may seem.

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