photo by Gretchen Davis

Science club gathers together for a quick photo after finishing their clean up project.

by Lindsey Camp, Website Editor

Four years ago science club, an organization that is strictly about science based activities and explorations, decided to give back by cleaning out the trash from McEachern’s Creek.

 The club initially started their quest to clean out the creek by testing and inserting chemicals in the water as a way of filtering. Science teacher Gretchen Davis, the club’s sponsor, suggested that members get more involved and encouraged them to take action by removing pollution from the river.

 Science club collaborates with Georgia Rivers Alive to come up with ideas and event planning details. This occasion builds teamwork skills, adventures and a sense of lasting fulfillment for helping in their broader community.

 “All rivers lead down the ocean. One of the reason’s we do this is to protect local, coastal systems in our area,” Davis said.

 Trash that is thrown on the ground everyday ends up in the water of different rivers and streams and is carried all the way back to the oceans. With this cleanup many marine lives are saved. Straws, plastic wrappers and harmful items are ingested by the animals and can clog up their intestines.

 “I get the satisfaction of helping the campus stay clean. Also, I feel as if I’m making an impact on our community,” four-year participant senior Lily Steele said.

 This clean up gives students a chance to get involved and give back to the community. Steele feels better about herself knowing that she is giving back to others by participating in the cleanup. Steele also explained that the cleanup has definitely progressed since she did her first one freshman year. In a broader sense, this clean has changed the look and feel of the school.

 Something that some are not aware of is that this cleanup is also a way to give back to other programs at McEachern. The amount of trash that is picked up during the event determines how much money will be given back to the school.