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by Jedidah Taylor, Managing Editor

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Society today instilled in people the belief that abortion is either a detrimental sin or not that big of a deal. In discussing the two standpoints the sides are referred to as ”pro-life” the belief that women should not have the ability to abort human life because it is murder, or “pro-choice” the belief that women carrying the baby have a right to their own moral stance.


While planned parenthood offers children a stable environment, financial security, and prepared parental circumstances, having a plan isn’t always the option at hand. There are opportunities such as adoption agency or government support programs; however  for a woman whose baby was conceived through a traumatic experience or whose birth will cause emotional harm should have the choice to chose between life or choice stance.
Personally I believe that whenever you bring a life into this world someone or something will provide, and you will learn from the circumstance. But in reality this is America! Church and state is separated; therefore, you can’t determine somebody’s moral status. A woman’s body belongs to herself, and she should be free to do what she deems necessary for her body and overall health in any situation.

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