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Reckless Media Posting

by Felicha Laforest, Assistant Editor

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Media is now the newest means of communication. All around the world people use it for sharing, learning, and entertainment.

It is now the pinnacle of life, individuals can go as far as sharing a real world issue to a video about a hamster. Due to the easy access of media, too much of a good thing has turned to a bad thing.

Different media outlets have become the mic voicing the opinions of individual who have amazing inspirational messages for the world, and also those who have nothing to offer except hatred and vulgarity.

Who is to blame for the increase of reckless posting on social media?

This topic is one with many view points and angles. The people who create these platforms are the first ones to cross off the list. Simply because they are the creators and if you think of this from a religious point of view you’ll see why. God gives you an arm and a leg but it isn’t God’s fault if you throw a rock at your neighbor’s window. Therefore, I cannot put the blame on an irrelevant factor.

Another possible cause that can be erased is influence. Influence is often manipulated and sought out to be a universal blame. When a drunk driver is pulled over the officer doesn’t arrest the alcohol that put the driver under the influence, it is the driver who takes the consequences. If someone posted recklessly due to seeing a post that persuaded them into jumping on a bandwagon, no one will take account of the previous post. The reason for this is because whatever is under the individuals name shows the character of the individual and what they support.

All blame falls on the individual it is up to them to be careful of what is put online; it also up to them to be mindful of who is watching.




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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
Reckless Media Posting