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The affects of subconscious judgment

by De'Aira McCrory, Lead Photographer

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Entering  a crowded room filled with unfamiliar faces a person would choose to sit next to someone that they think they would feel most comfortable with based on appearance. That choice is made based on a subconscious decision known as prejudgement. This affects who we choose to talk to or potentially become friends with.

Bita, a Middle Eastern girl, conducted an experiment to see how Middle Eastern people are outcasted in society based on the clothes that they choose to wear. She first wore booty shorts  in public and got the attention of many people. From the cat calling to the whistles, she received more attention than when she wore a burka in public.

She asked people what they thought about her in the booty shorts, and they all said she looked like the average American country girl walking around. She noticed that more people were open to talk to her when she was dressed in shorts. When she wore the burka in public, many people were intimidated by her clothes. Comments such as “Why should you be able to see me if I can’t see you”, “What’s wrong with being able to show off your arms, and legs, and toes”, and even refusal to talk to Bita was the majority of the responses she got.

If more people would take the time to see past a person’s outerwear to their personality, others wouldn’t be ashamed to go out in public in whatever clothing they chose to wear.

People are judged daily based on appearance, it’s just a way of life. I feel that people should dress according to the way they want to be viewed as a person. As far as appearance due to religious purposes it should be overlooked because most people are born into religions and dont have the option to wear what they want.  

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
The affects of subconscious judgment