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The inspirational “You Can Be Anything” Barbie Commercial

by De'Aira McCrory, Lead Photographer

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Around the world, the simple characteristic of being a girl limits privileges and rights. Little girls are constantly told that they can’t and they become accustomed to their appearances worth over their intelligence.

Barbie aims to discard its girl-stifling image and wants to become known as an empowering toy and brand instead. After releasing the limited edition of the Zendaya doll supporting the message of diversity Barbie has moved along with their empowering campaign. They know support the idea that girls can be anything in society regardless of their gender.

An inspirational ad called “You Can Be Anything” was released recently. The Barbie commercial was central message that proved to young girls that if they have a passion for something unique or if their desired profession doesn’t associate with the female gender, that they can still accomplish it.

The commercial showed young girls with the occupation of college professors, astronauts, museum tour guides, and a men’s soccer coach, jobs that most males dominate. Barbie is growing into symbol that support women empowerment.

I applaud the Barbie brand for trying to shake loose from the picture perfect  message that Barbie dolls sent out to young girls before. It is important that this generation of young girls have access to dolls that have greater purpose. Its time to break the chain, it is so much more that a female can contribute to the world rather than just looks. 

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
The inspirational “You Can Be Anything” Barbie Commercial