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Hiring new speaker of house

by Felicha Laforest, Assistant Editor

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Paul Boehner, Speaker of the House, has resigned from office effective Oct. 30. The Republican Party has been waiting for a new speaker ever since.

Stepping up to take his place is Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) The resignation from Boehner came with a resignation from Kevin McCarthy who was to take the place of House Speaker if anything were to happen withe the current Speaker.

The duty of the House Speaker is to represent members of the U.S House., that person is head of the House; he/she leads major political parties, but does not have the authority to change or vote for any new rules. There is an issue finding a replacement for the Speaker because most Americans do not want to in that position.

Paul Ryan the only person willing to take the position, has agreed to take the position , but only with a few conditions. He would like to have time off for his family and he would like a few rules changed and or removed in order to reduce the limits place on the Speaker.

Political officers would say Ryan is being radical for demanding a few changes, but he is not asking for too much, all he would like is time with his family and to be able to have a voice that would matter. He has every right to give the government an ultimatum. It’s a job that has to be done and the government is desperate, this wouldn’t be happening if the U.S house was not as corrupt.

Who’s to blame for the U.S house corruption?

The republicans in the House who have made it so unbearable for the House Speakers.

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Hiring new speaker of house