Overcome the storm with God

by Lindsey Camp, web designer

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“ Well, Shanna I don’t know how to tell you this, but your CT scan shows that you have a brain tumor the size of a golf ball in your head,” the doctor told my mom at urgent care when we went because she thought she just had a sinus infection. In that moment I feel my heart drop, my chest becomes heavy and my vision becomes so blurry I can’t see what’s in front of me. I want to talk and say something, but I just can’t make the words come out. My mom looks over at me and says “ Lindsey, can you please step out while I talk to the doctor,” In that moment I immediately thought, “why me?,” “why would god do this to my mom?” “ why would he do this to me?”

Loving god is easy when everything is going right and there is no weight on your chest or daily anxiety attacks. After knowing about everything with my mom and actually digesting it I realized that God has a plan for this situation and he will help me get through it.

In times when a storm hits in your life, you should always just pray and believe that no matter what happens it is for the best. I use the metaphor a “storm” because when one thing goes wrong it’s easy to feel like the world is starting to come down on you. With Jesus in your life, you can find the sunshine on a cloudy day.

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