Religious Relationships

by Lindsey Camp, web designer

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Whenever considering having a relationship with someone, there are certain qualities and standards you have set up that these people must meet. Some things people take into consideration are age, sex, race, ethnicity and the most important religion. Assurance in what that means for society as a whole, complicates what that can do to an otherwise firm marriage/partnership.

Religion is a very imperative factor for me when considering sharing an intimate relationship with a boy, because religion is a big part of my life.There are so many different types of religions and denominations of religions, such as Islamic, Baptist, Judaism, and Church Of God.

Many relationships end because they care for each other but they have different religions which causes them to have different ideas about certain decisions. Human’s religious beliefs can affect more than just themselves, but also their decisions that make about certain situations.

If you decide to be with this person for the rest of your life, you could possibly be asked to compromise what you believe. A companion who simply leaves out of religion altogether, sometimes to become an agnostic or atheist — or, interchangeably, steps up the concentration of her devotion — will present a great trial to the partner who remains dedicated within a precise faith and set of beliefs.

Some become “trapped” in their relationship, because they feel that they cannot turn back to their religion, because of their partner’s beliefs. Others do not take a chance when finding out a person does not believe in the same thing as them. I am undecided on if I always truly consider this characteristic when dating someone. In the future I am going to highly consider this factor, because I want to be able to grow and learn in my religion with my special person.


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