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The Food We Eat: Degenerating or Regenerating Our Future

by Jedidah Taylor, Managing Editor

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This week, Buzzfeed posted the “A Man Opened a 22 year Old Chocolate Bar and It Looks Crazy” and it truly looks crazy. The inside of the chocolate bar resembles the inside of a honey cone, and consists of a million crystallized orange and white pieces. The post explained that because chocolate is primarily made of sugar and cocoa, which naturally have a “crystal like structure,” the crazy looking chocolate is a result of those crystals growing from the fluctuation of temperature overtime.

Note that this 22 year old chocolate has no mold or bacterial growth, just crystallized insides. This makes me reconsider the importance of what we’re putting into our bodies. So quickly Americans, or people in general, shovel down handfuls of chips, pounds of burgers, or ounce after ounce of milkshakes. How often is this food actually digestible? While it may not add some extra unwanted lumps and bumps, in many cases it has the same effect on all our bodies, internally. These foods that we are so fond of result in an array of health issues — from heart disease to digestive track issues. When does the time come when we put down the “good foods” and the think about what’s good for you?

For instance, milk. Everyday, my grandmother would make sure I had my glass of milk, and I couldn’t have anything else until I drank it. In reality, every mammal only nestles milk from their mother’s breast, and after infantry they stop drinking milk completely. Human are the only milk drinkers that continue indulging after childhood. Yes, milk is a great source of calcium and Vitamin D, but the animal we choose to drink from is one which has eight stomachs specially designed to digest what its mother produces.

I myself am a firm believer in the natural order of things –laissez faire, right? So if every other being stops drinking milk after a certain period, why do we continue? The underlying point is not the shaming of milk, but the need to rediscover our natural order by learning what’s good and what’s not, what’s natural or what has “natural flavoring?”

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
The Food We Eat: Degenerating or Regenerating Our Future