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Browless in Paris

by Briana Clinkscales, Staff Writer

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Whether the trend is to bring forth your best full face, or your most natural “no makeup” makeup look varies amongst the countries and what they define as appealing.


These past years, Paris supermodels have helped the bleached, “disappearing eyebrow” look become a trend that celebrities adore. During the medieval period, the forehead was the most important feature, which is why women often shaved their eyebrows to extend the forehead. Later in the 15th century, came Queen Elizabeth and since, bleached eyebrows have always been significant to certain cultures around the globe.


The look signifies bold, daring, intrepid individuals in the fashion industry that aren’t afraid to have all eyes on them, no matter if it’s in awe of their materialization, or disturbance to their presence.


To achieve this dramatic runway look, or any makeup look, always start out with a blank canvas, clean skin and in this case, clean brow hair. The first tip is to have an experienced cosmetologist do your brow bleaching so that you don’t damage your skin, or eyebrow hairs in the process. First, the cosmetologist will cover your eyes with cotton pads to protect them from the chemicals. Secondly, a low pH conditioner will be applied to the surrounding skin to also protect it from irritation. Next, a gentle powder hair color lightener will be applied to the hairs to lift the color. Let this product sit until you see the color lightening, then remove it to see the finishing results.


This technique looks best on blondes or brunettes who already have cool toned brows. I must warn you that this is not an everyday makeup look, and looks best if being worn to an event. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome, remember that eyebrow hairs grow completely out within four to five weeks. This must be taken into deep consideration before making a decision. Happy brow bleaching!


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Browless in Paris