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He had a dream, but why don’t we?

by Jedidah Taylor, Managing Editor

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With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day fast approaching, schools will be at recess and government agencies will be released for an extended three day weekend. What does that mean? Well, for some it means a chance to take the overnight vacation they’ve been anticipating, while for others it means a break from school and a few extra hours on the job, or a day to play — a day of kicks and giggles.

Martin Luther King, Jr Day, a federal day named after a man who’s voice and vision filled the nation’s void, is not only a representation of that man but something much more…

This day signifies the thousands of men, women, and children that stood up to the wrongdoing and corruption in our country. This day signifies an active community.

So, as this date circles our calendar once again, I look at what I will be doing — working, not working to fight hunger, poverty, inequality of opportunities in my community, but working from 3:30 to 12:30 at the movie theater serving up hot popcorn. What will my peers be doing? Much of the same. Some will party, some will go out of town, and some will sleep in and relax. But every last one of them will take advantage of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Yes, colored and white’s can dine at the same counter. And yes, Cherrios featured a little biracial curly headed girl and her chummy black dad and white mom on a commercial that debuted across America.

Undeniably, great strides have been made toward Martin Luther King’s dream, but why did our nation stop dreaming? Everyday, there are racial, ethnic, gender, and sexuality-related injustices that have not been addressed, and will not be fought for. So as a day that honors a man and era that crossed boundaries with their actions and dreams, why do we continue to settle for our everyday life? Why did our nation become okay with settling in the box? Why did our nation stop standing up for injustice? Why did our nation stop at one dream?

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
He had a dream, but why don’t we?