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Regression due to Mental Segregation

by Jedidah Taylor, Managing Editor

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For the first time, I am old enough to vote. I am an adult, and legally I will be treated as so.  That means I am able to participate in my duty as a citizen, I am able to have a voice, and I am now directly affected by the choices made in this country.

While I don’t have a politician I’m “in love” with; a politician I feel is just right for me and my country, I do have a politician who is oozing hate. For the greater part of the primary elections, like most people, I have sat back and turned an eye to the indecencies and indiscretions taking place, but in this candidate’s case they are becoming too frequent.

Rally after rally, speech after speech Donald Trump is dividing the American people, and hindering foreign relations. Donald Trump, himself, has little to no filter on the things he says; however, that is not the problem. The problem is the violence and blatant prejudice that he condones during his rallies.

Here in Georgia, 30 black students were thrown out of Trump rally because of the threat they created. What exactly is that threat? Their color? Their age? Their alliance with an opposing candidate?  Their silent standing protest? Last time I checked none of these none of these were reasons to be physically removed from a rally open to and targeted at the American people.

This is not an isolated case. 100’s of videos have gone viral showing women and minorities, either peaceful protester or in some cases just listeners like the thousands of others attending the rallies, are clearly being surveilled or physically removed from the location. This removal is usually followed by fights breaking out between groups in the audience, appraisal and applause, and a final snard remark from Trump.

In one case, a Trump supporter, John McGraw,  punched a protester, Rakeem Jones,  in the face, and threatened “to kill him if they ever meet again.”  This would be a less phasing remark if Trump didn’t publicly announce to cover all legal fees McGraw may face; therefore, further aligning him with the violence.

Donald Trump’s platform is empowering a division amongst the people of the United States. He is instilling a belief that agitators can act with no consequence, as long as they act in the name of ‘making America great again.’ And if he is our nation’s future, we will regress to mental segregation of our past.

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
Regression due to Mental Segregation