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Faux freckles: The unexpected vogue

by Briana Clinkscales, Staff Writer

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Come winter, we say goodbye to our faded sun-kissed skin that we’ve cherished all summer long. Those cute freckles you’ve developed on your nose and cheekbones, vanished until next year.

Freckles come from one of two causes: hereditary or sun damage to the skin. Until the summer of 2015, where models around the world strutted in confidence down the runway flaunting their freckles, there wasn’t much appreciation of the pigment discoloration. Some see freckles as unappealing, while others see them as a sign of youthfulness and sub-distinctive. Creating faux freckles has become a trend that models take pride in to accentuate natural freckles, or to experiment with a temporary makeup look.

To achieve this look, first cleanse and moisturize your face to give your makeup a smooth surface. Next, apply your foundation all over your face, conceal under your eyes and around your nose, set your concealer with a press powder and the rest of your face with a setting powder. In this look, you want to stray away from harsh contouring so that the freckles get all of the attention, so instead of contouring use a bronzer on your forehead, temples, and hollows of your cheeks to add some color back into your skin. Then take a warm-colored blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks to add more dimension without harshness. Next, use a highlighter to bring forth the apples of your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose, your chin, cupid’s bow, and the center of your forehead (optional). Then, fill in your eyebrows. After your brows are filled in, use a lip pencil the same color as your eyebrow hairs and apply small dots in the areas of your face that you want to have freckles (your dots don’t have to be perfect because freckles aren’t perfect). Lastly, dab a damp makeup sponge on and around the dots to make them look more like natural freckles and take your setting powder, using a stippling motion, and set those freckles.

Though freckles were once something many women tried to cover up, they can actually be used to hide your age when done right. Creating faux freckles is a playful and fun look, plus a simple and easy way to hold on to that feeling of summer a little longer as the seasons change.

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
Faux freckles: The unexpected vogue