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Easing the pain of rejection

by Ayeilie Mel, Staff Writer

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The feeling you get when telling a story you thought was hilarious yet no one laughed. When trying out for a team, or attempting to join a club. Rejection is being declined or held back from something you thought you had.

The sadness, loneliness, and embarrassment you may feel at the moment is only temporary and happens to almost every person daily. It is not an emotion that is shrugged off or lays dormant.
Instead, try your best to clearly express yourself because rejection can have positive outcomes. It helps you develop strength and confidence as well. Let that pain to be your motivation. The next time you do much better and if not move on to something that suits you better.
Although it may not seem like it boys get rejected more often than girls, Not just when their crush pays them any attention. But also by the way they dress and talk.
Either way, do not fear rejection, give yourself props for attempting, This is a normal and vital emotion The pain won’t last always.

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
Easing the pain of rejection