Student captains oversee fall lacrosse season

by Logann Houston, Staff Writer

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In the absence of their coaches, the lacrosse team has learned to work together collectively throughout their first fall season which has led them to three victories so far.

The student run lacrosse team has decided to participate in a fall league hosted by Atlanta Youth Lacrosse League (AYL). Being the largest fall organization, the AYL has held a fall league for fourteen years. Their goal in starting this organization is to give the players an opportunity to develop within the game and compete with their teammates, while also having fun.

Lacrosse is a known spring sport, but this year the varsity lacrosse team has decided to change things up by participating in the AYL organization.

“Teams have the option of signing up as a team or a free agent and play with other groups of free agents,” coach Lou Coretti from the Atlanta Youth Lacrosse League said.

The McEachern lacrosse team entered the tournament as the rams; the name given to them by the organization.

The captains are the shot callers; they make and call plays during the games every Sunday. Not having coaches forces them to gain respect from their teammates and teaches them how to handle pressure. Some underclassman challenged the captains at first according to McClary, but Jovan,Logan, and Malik  proved themselves by being the example they want their team to be.

The younger players apart of the team admire their captains for stepping up and taking responsibility in the absence of a coach. All of the captains have had a chance to play with some of the other players as their equals.

“Being an underclassmen, I have to listen to people over me who are seniors, I am still a leader, there’s no difference from last year and this year just different leaders,” junior Jacob Bloedow said.

According to the Atlanta Youth Lacrosse League, the reason for their request of not having coaches is to encourage the players to figure out how to get around the fields while building leadership traits. It also develops their knowledge of the game since they don’t have a coach constantly in their ear. The team learns more about the game with the guidance of their coaches than they do with their captains, but not having coaches does force them to grow as a team during the fall season.

“It’s way easier playing without coaches because we actually play and know what the defenders are going to do, the coaches have to watch everything so they might miss something going on during the game,” senior captain Jovan Fussell said.

So far this season, the lacrosse team has muscled their way through three victories going undefeated in their tournament scoring 15-2 in the first game, 8-3 in the second, and 9-1 in the third.

“The work that they are doing over the fall is going to impact the spring season greatly, the players get to know each other away from structure of having a coach,” girls lacrosse coach Patrick Lynch said.

According to Lynch the McEachern Ram’s fall season has been promising, the coaches can’t wait to see what the players will bring in the spring season.

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