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How big was The Big Bang?

by Alexis Moreno, Staff Writer

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There is a large conspiracy over how the world started; although no one knows for sure, there are many stories of how it could have happened.

The big bang theory is one of the most well-known theory, right behind christianity’s belief system.

It was first proposed by aristotle that the universe had an infinite past, which struck curiosity in many other theorists and scientists with the craving for answers. However, this was conflicting towards the ideas of God, and “ The Creator “, which in aristotle’s times were very quarrelsome.

Once Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity was made in the 1910’s the big bang theory started to emerge.

the theory itself stated that the  universe used to be a huge mass which was shattered by another mass. In which created the universe we know today; that the stars, planets,and moons were created by this one mass.

Nevertheless, the story of the big bang theory is no longer in the journals of big-time scientists today. Astronomy has become much more cut-throat and factual; no one dares to think of what could be out there and instead of dwelling on the past, they prefer to study what we are headed into.

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How big was The Big Bang?