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What lying does to our brain and body

by Sydney King, Staff Reporter, Assistant Photographer

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Everyday we all make the choice; to either lie or tell the truth. It happens mostly without thinking, and we tend to ignore the impact of these unseeingly decisions. Even the smallest lies can have an impact on your relationship, as well as affect your choices. Here’s how truth and lies affect your everyday life.


  • Lies can tax your brain, cause you stress, and harm your body. Believe it or not but lying causes a lot of effort. When you tell the truth, you are just remembering what happens. When you lie you have to consider what you’re trying to hide, figure out a believable version of the opposite, give a convincing performance to sell that lie, and then remember it for the rest of eternity so you never get caught. Basically when you continue to lie it tends to build up every time you lie.


For instance, even if you are pretending to love your grandmother’s nasty fruitcake, that’s a lot of pressure.A few years from now your grandmother is still going to believe that you just love her fruitcake, when you don’t. Lies just like many other things, tend to cause stress.Think of it as a lie detector; they don’t actually detect lies specifically, but the signs of stress that accompany them.

  • Sometimes honesty is not always the best policy. When you lie it causes stress and other problems, but it’s useful and even necessary at certain times.When lying assures your safety or honesty puts you in danger, you probably shouldn’t choose the truth. Exceptions always exist, and regardless of our intentions we’re not going become model truth tellers no matter how comfortable we feel.Generally speaking, honesty provides far more mental and physical health benefits than dishonesty.Nevertheless, we’re complicated creatures.We make complicated decisions every day. We’ll find reasons to lie that are necessary, but we’ll naturally find more that aren’t.

But also watch out for times when you lie out of politeness and preserve your own self esteem. When things like that happens just think about the long-term effects and not how the lie will protect you, or someone else, in a particular moment.You can’t always tell the truth, but the more you do the happier your body and brain will be.

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
What lying does to our brain and body