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The benefits of learning another language in High school

by Alexis Moreno, Staff Writer

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Without communication, the world would be very different; cultures would be isolated, and sectioned off. There would be no mixed races or countries like America, where multiple languages bring people together creating a diverse land.

At McEachern high school three languages are available to students who are interested in learning another language.

Spanish, French, and Chinese are the most favorited languages on campus and have a high graduation rate.

“1/3 of students who take French go on to AP French, we had about 22 members this year,” French teacher Katherine Conner said.

Although the most common AP language is Spanish, according to the numbers have decreased since the AP Chinese course was made in 2007.

Both languages have clubs in which they celebrate the culture, however, you have to be invited to join. Students must have a 3.75 GPA within the class and just good grades all around.

“Being in the Spanish Honor society is a prestigious honor… Once you are in you have benefits such as getting a cord at graduation and apply to different scholarships,” Spanish teacher Amber Jackson said.

In the Spanish and French honor societies there are different things done to spice up the way they teach or celebrate the language.

For example, the French Honor Society goes to a French bakery every month, and the Spanish Honor Society has cultural events where they watch Spanish language films.

As well as this both clubs tutor level one students, which are sometimes in different schools and areas outside of the McEachern campus.

According to Spanish teacher Sandra Padilla, spanish is a very important language to learn because it improves the student’s grammar not only in Spanish but in English as well.

The many native speakers in Padilla’s class feel the same.

“At first the reason I took this class was for an easy grade, since I already know how to speak Spanish,” Sophomore Luis Mendoza said, “but the class was harder than I thought; we mainly focus on what we already know.”

Although Spanish is the second largest language in the United States of America, French and Chinese speakers also find the benefits of knowing multiple languages.

“I already took Spanish and wanted to try something different so I chose French,” Junior and 2nd year French speaker Torielle Roberson said.  

According to there are more than 8,600 jobs with advertising online requiring Spanish speakers.

“At the personal level, there are benefits related to increased academic achievement and cognitive benefits,” Supervisor of world languages unit in Cobb county German Suarez said. This is in addition to the benefit of being able to communicate with millions of other people and access millions of literature titles in other languages,”

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The benefits of learning another language in High school