Carnation sales help improve the art club

by Alexis Moreno, Staff Writer

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Mceachern High School has nearly 30 clubs and organizations; each has its own necessities and supplies to keep the club up and running.

For clubs like the Art club, fundraisers such as carnation sales are a requirement to get the supplies for the students. The Art club experiences droughts of supplies such as white paint which makes this fundraiser imperative for the organization.

“Each carnation is a dollar for the students,” art teacher and club sponsor Danielle Mege said. “This small payment gets the club a lot of supplies.”

Because the carnation sales are near the Valentine’s Day season, the total sales end up higher than it would be in another time during the school year.

Pear-Tree Flowers is where Mege orders the carnations, each one cost forty-seven cents.

“Any club that has things outside of the budget set by the county needs fundraisers, even band has to raise money and they aren’t necessarily a club,” administrator James Bishop said.

All of the money raised by the art club is given to the club, though some might say they don’t have as much funding as other clubs.

“The Art club needs just as much funding, if not more, than other clubs like football,” senior D’angelo Davis said.

The flowers are planned to be given out on Valentine’s Day.

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