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Marijuana within teenage society causing health and academic problems

by Alexis Moreno, staff writer

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The use of Alcohol and Drugs has changed over the years.

According to past surveys, alcohol has been the number one leading cause of health issues and car accidents among high school students.

Schools minimize the amount of underage drinking with consequences.

“When a student is caught with alcohol or drugs they have at least 5-10 day suspension whether they are caught with possession or consumption,” administrator James Lockhart.

The amount of suspensions for possession on campus at McEachern high school is low, however, according to the Georgia Student Survey 23 students have taken a drink of alcohol more than twice in 30 days.

29 students said they smoked marijuana 30 times or more within 30 days. Although the Georgia student survey is completely anonymous and self reported, the difference between teens using alcohol and using drugs is significantly different.

“[Alcohol] isn’t in your face as often as weed is, and I hear a lot more about weed than I do about alcohol,” guidance counselor Reginald Hurns said. “ Alcohol is almost a part of culture; maybe the reason it’s dying out is because the culture isn’t there anymore.”

The use of medical marijuana helps with patients that have Alzheimer’s, Cancer, seizures, AIDs, and HIV. However, when recreational marijuana use negatively affects your brain in ways that aren’t very helpful.

Marijuana effects your short term memory, kills some of your brain cells and leaves a tar film on the inside of your lungs just as cigarettes do.

Some teens think marijuana is healthier than alcohol and even state that the health benefits are why they use marijuana.

“I’ve been offered marijuana more than i have alcohol, but even so it seems like alcohol has more negative effects than weed,” junior Zahara Banks said.

According to, the rate for 16-17 year olds  getting addicted to alcoholic and drugs doubles at age 18, which is why early education about negative side effects of alcohol and drugs is so important.

“With the amount that marijuana is in the news and in politics legalization of marijuana is probably a huge factor in why students use is,” social studies teacher Tracy Maher said. “As well as the health benefits using for medicine and recreational.”

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
Marijuana within teenage society causing health and academic problems