Reading offers a variety of benefits to students

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Reading offers a variety of benefits to students

by Carnell Lyon, Staff Writer

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Reading in a school environment is considered a necessity by many.

Through reading new information can be gained, new perspectives can be seen, different stories and lifestyles can be enjoyed, but these days I don’t see a lot of students casually reading or walking around with a book in hand. Is it that reading is hated and what can be done to improve the love of reading within the hearts of learners.

“[Students] think of it more as a chore. We get them reading books that have too high a vocabulary for them. They don’t want to admit that, but they are,” media specialist Mary Inman said.

Inman believes that we force the idea of reading down the students’ throats. After hearing what chapter to read for some test in some class, the last thing they want to hear is “reading for fun”. Also the words used in some these books are possibly incredibly novel and complicated to the student, so the next best thing could be student choice.

“To give more books that they’re reading. To give them choices,” Inman said.

The idea is that students need material that is relative to both their learning and extent of vocabulary. Digestion of information cannot come if it’s too big for them to swallow instead, readjustment is required so that the student is receiving the same amount of material, but in a less complicated way.

Reading and its essentiality comes in the fact that reading the basis for learning. When you learn to read it is essentially, the first step to learning how how to learn in my opinion. “If you can read, then you can learn almost anything to do in life.”

Other than learnReing what else can come from reading? “I think reading could be for enjoyment. Just to pass the time,”Senior and student body president Ian Knox said. It also begs the question of why can’t entertainment come from my television or my smart phone; why does have to come from this intimidating stack of words? Well, the thing is there are limitations to what can come from television.

By reading, one can both enjoy the material and enhance their creative side, because it offers almost zero bounds to what the mind can conjure. Reading offers room to add your own elements to the material which really brings the enjoyment factor of reading to its full potential.

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