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Life vs. Living

by Alexis Moreno, Staff Writer

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“May you live everyday of your life,” – Jonathan Swift

Life and to live is abstract. When someone is living the are having a good time; they aren’t surviving and trying their best to stay afloat in this complex world, living is life with comfort and relaxing moments. Hence the saying “to live it up”.

Everyone has a life, whatever you choose to do with it is of your own volition. The belief that life is precious is because of the happiness you can feel while living it.

The word “life” in a sentence is heavy, it has a lot of meaning, it carries value. On the other hand, living sounds almost like an adjective. For example, life is labeled as “fun” or “enjoyable” when you’re living it.

In my opinion, life is meant to be lived. Without any type of enjoyment in your life what’s the point?

As a child, I saw life as living. whether I was playing in the dirt or catching lady bugs outside; all of it was living. This is why adults always tell children to do what makes them happy in life, if that’s money then so be it; if that’s volunteering at local animal shelters, then so be it.

photo by Alexis Moreno
Madison Bennett and Rozilyn Hill living their lives to the fullest.

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Life vs. Living