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Science club has many benefits for students who are interested in science related topics

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Science club has many benefits for students who are interested in science related topics

by Camille Whisby and Caitlin Whisby

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It has been proven that children can learn better hands on rather than not being exposed to different ways of learning.

The McEachern Science Club students care to different types of plants and their unique needs.

“The Science club caters to students who have interests in science and is designed to expose students to science related events.” science administrator James Lockhart said.

Science club can channelize the energies of students by making use of their skills and talents. This can satisfy their instincts and urges and helps in their overall personality development.

“I love how the flowers and plants beautify our campus,” science club sponsor Gretchen Davis said. “Being that this campus is so unusual and not like any other school’s  we’re so fortunate to be able to go outside and experience the calming effects of nature ”.

While caring for the plants in the greenhouse is a big part of what the science club does, that isn’t all they do. Davis makes it a priority to expose students to different science experiments through various activities.

“I’m all about the students dictating what they want to do”, Davis said. “If they want to do more outside related things then we’ll do that; if they want to do more chemistry and physics related things then we’ll do that also”.

Students can learn more through the activities they pick and their own experiments to clarify general scientific concepts.

The coordination between the classroom and science club can help the student to complete their curriculum in a subtle way.

“I have been in the science club since freshman year and it means so much to me”, senior Ivy Nix said. “Throughout, the years I have seen the club go from working in the greenhouse a lot, to working on chemistry related topics, and now since they are restoring the nature center we’ve been spending some time there.”

Something unique that the science club has in their greenhouse is a hydroponic system.

A hydroponic system is a method of growing plants in water filled with rich solution. Instead of using soil to grow their plants the science club uses clay petals. Using clay pebbles as your grow medium in a hydroponic system offers many benefits, one being that the clay pebbles retain moisture.

“If I could rename our club I would rename it the Environmental Club.” said Davis. “We work more on environmental related things.”

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Science club has many benefits for students who are interested in science related topics