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Graduating changes through the years

by Sydney King, Staff Reporter, Assistant Photographer

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Senior’s high school careers are quickly coming to an end. Graduation caps and gowns are anxious for the big day. Seniors anticipate the last day of high school ready to start their adult lives.While most seniors go straight to college, some instead decide to go directly  into the workforce.

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center,the number of students enrolling in four year colleges in the past year was 65.9 percent. In fall of 2015, 13.2 million students enrolled to attend a four-year institution. However the number of students enrolling in colleges and universities this year is 1.7 percent lower than it was last year.

“The amount of students that graduate high school and go straight to the workforce has increased, but the number of students that enroll in college is still larger,” counselor Toni Dickerson said.

According to Dickerson, there are not a lot of jobs attainable without going to some type of postsecondary school.
However, for some going to college is a big deal.

Some jobs that graduates decide to take on as a career don’t require students to go to a four year college. The college that have high wages are those that require more time

“Times have changed since I’ve graduated from college, now it depends on what career you choose to look into. Some jobs don’t require a four year college. For example, hair stylists and mechanics don’t have to go to college necessarily to be successful,” administrator James Lockhart said.

Dave Shuler, a teacher at McEachern High School, has been helping seniors get automotive jobs for 15 years. According to Shuler, he does this because it was tough for him to find a job when he was in their position.

“Knowledge is power,” senior Andrew Park said.

Some students disagree that in order to get knowledge and be successful you have to attend a college, so they don’t give college a chance.

“My advice for the graduates is to give college a try because you never know if it’s for you or not,” language arts teacher Brittney Honea said.

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The student news site of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia
Graduating changes through the years