Should juniors take AP Economics and AP Government their senior year?

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Should juniors take AP Economics and AP Government their senior year?

by Alexis Moreno, Staff Writer

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AP students have a decision to make at the end of every year when planning out the next courses they wish to take; to drop down to honors or remain in the AP group and have the possibility of struggling for another year.

The decisions are usually factored out into either having interest in a certain subject or just having a natural gift.

However, the students that take 5 or 6 (or even 8) AP classes their senior year have a moment before their AP exams for that current year.

While being stressed out and sleep deprived from all the studying they go to their current teachers and confide in them about the worried-ness they have about their future AP classes.

“Usually the students that have taken AP US history go on to AP Government (gov) and AP economics (econ),” AP Us history teacher Eve Hicks said.

The content contains the history of the United States from the beginning to the most current pieces of history.

The purpose of an AP class is to take the AP test at the end of the year; as well as gain knowledge, self discipline, and time management skills that you retain according to Hicks.

Other AP teachers want to encourage juniors not to be afraid and to branch out of their comfort zones.

AP economics and honors government teacher Todd McMath visits Hicks’ class every year to talk to students about AP econ, to stray them away from dropping down.

“If they (the students) want to go into business, my class gets them started in understanding fundamental basics of economics,” McMath said.

Every year Hicks reassures her students that her class sets them up for the possible struggle in AP Economics.

“AP US history prepares students for AP economics because of the determination to succeed you learn while taking it,” Hicks said.

McMath encourages students to ask questions about the AP courses they could potentially take instead of dropping down to honors.

“The only reason to be afraid of AP economics is if you’re not going to put in the effort to learn the subject,” Junior Zachary Normile said.

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