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Obstacles that get in the way of graduating

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Obstacles that get in the way of graduating

photo by Sydney King

photo by Sydney King

photo by Sydney King

by Sydney King, Staff Reporter, Assistant Photographer

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Scholarships, SAT’s and ACT’s, as well as figuring out plans for the future. From the beginning of your junior year it may seem like you have everything planned out.

Over the past few years seniors have changed their reasoning for not wanting to go to college. Rather it be because they want to take a year off, or change colleges, or it may even be family issues.

“I decided to take a year off of college because my dad has a mechanic shop and so I already have a job there, so I’m going straight to working,” senior Blake Walker said. “I will eventually go back to college but as of right now I have my mind already made up.”

According to, students who have taken a Gap Year overwhelmingly report being satisfied with their jobs. Upon further inquiry, Haigler found that this was related to a less-selfish approach to working with people and careers.

Whether you are going to a 4 year college, 2 year, vocational, or tech college; everyone will end up going somewhere in life.

McEachern high school counselor Reginald Hurns says that he has had plenty of seniors that come to him last minute to talk about scholarships and financial ways to get money for college.

“I try to really talk with my students especially seniors about their plans in the future so that they can have a partial direction in life as far as education,”counselor Reginald Hurns said.

Students need to stay focused and look at the big picture so that they will be successful.

In life things don’t always go your way, for example in college you say you want to major in nursing when really you end up changing your major. Or maybe even get a degree for what you majored in but can’t get a job or that major.

“Students don’t realize the cause and effect that happens when you make a risky change.” administrator Christi Osborne said.”

Life is a perpetual instruction in cause and effect, Ralph Emerson said.

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Obstacles that get in the way of graduating