by Sydney King, Staff Reporter, Assistant Photographer

From sawdust hits the floor, to nails getting screwed in. To some students, First Robotics is not a game, it’s more of a competition. First Robotics is a pathway to success; you get scholarships, grants, etc in an attempt to build students into leaders of the future.

“The team is about learning new things and never giving up,we break our problems into manageable pieces Leaders of the future teach today,” teacher Paul Eubanks said.

Robotics aims to get people interested into joining science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, and to work in a team environment. It’s also a way for students to learn how to be leaders,  work as a team, and other skills.

”I believe that being on the Robotics team is not only a way for you to get a scholarship, but it’s also a way for you to have fun doing what you love and to work together,” senior Thomas Faulk said.

With the competition coming up, giving them only  five weeks to build the robot and the obstacles that come with it. The theme for  this year’s competition is Stronghold, so they need to build nine different defenses to climb over. The robot will also have to function on its own and throw rocks.

With all of this happening, the club’s section leaders themselves have a tremendously busy schedule, making sure that the group’s members are on task and to be safe while doing so.

Some may think that to join robotics that you have to know about all this technology and be great at building things. However, anyone with an overall interest in the club can join.

“Robotics is a fun activity that anyone can do with commitment and understanding,” sophomore Kiara Daniel said.

Along with commitment and willingness to learn there are advantages of being in the group.

“Kids learn about engineering principles, and it’s a great benefit to them,” said administrator Christi Osborne.

Being in robotics also teaches you leadership skills, and if you are a hands-on learner this club is perfect for you. Or if you don’t play any sports or your GPA isn’t applicable to get into the college that you want, with being in this club it offers scholarships and grants. Therefore, if all of these things apply to you then robotics is the right fit for you.

Even though there are advantages of being in robotics, they still have to focus on their main priority:he competition. This year’s theme is different from other competitions since the robot has to have a self function.

“With this year’s competition coming up, I am a little nervous but not really, because I’m confident in my team. I think we have a good design and we have reached a point where the robot does everything that it is supposed to do,” freshman Rickey Oglesby said.

Rather your a hands on learner or you are interested into engineering then you might want to consider being on the First Robotics Team, it’s a very positive, fun, and cool club. Not only do you get scholarships and grants but it’s a non-fee team.