by Andrew Okwuosah, Digital Editor

McEachern hosted its second annual career fair Mar. 10 with help from Kids Business Expo and the Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy to help students and businesses connect with one another.

“I always found it odd that the older I got, the more difficult it seemed for young people to be able to get jobs because the application selection process changed to be difficult for a young person to get employed. ” retired Sears Holdings human resources employee David Brewton said. “These days, you can’t go anywhere and say ‘Can I have an application?’; they give you a website to go to, and you have to apply online.”

62 businesses participated in the fair, but their motives are varied from serving the community to bolstering the overall economy.

“When we discovered that McEachern was having a career fair, we offered to help in any way we could as a community partner,” McEachern Memorial United Methodist Church Adult Christian Education Director Kathy Strawn said.

Any economics student could say that more jobs lead to a better overall economy, because it leads to more money in consumers’ pockets and more consumer spending, moving in a continuous loop that leads to economic growth. However, money isn’t the only benefit that the career fair brings to the table.

“If we have people that are going to work in our community and serving our community, I think that’s going to benefit the city economically,” Powder Springs Mayor Al Thurman said.

While the career fair is an exercise in itself to get your message out to the public, the same techniques that the fair aimed to teach students were used for getting the fair off the ground.

“We got other businesses involved by making a lot of phone calls and built a foundation of relationships with them through last year’s event,” Assistant Principal Joshua Ford said.

Overall, the career fair served as a case study for the importance of the personal touch that’s becoming lost in our modern society.

“The Career Fair gives students experience on how to network, be more confident, projecting themselves, and how to really delineate and asituate themselves compared to anyone else,” former McEachern student Jordan Adequya said.