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180 Day Rule

by Tianna Smith, Publicist

August 13, 2015

Filed under Tianna Smith "What are We?"

Every time I walk in the door my stomach drops below my knees, and then when I see the one face I can trust an overwhelming calm pours over me; filling me with the confidence I need to keep striving. Loyalty, honesty, care, support...

Sending Nudes….?

Sending Nudes….?

August 12, 2015


by Lindsey Camp, web designer

August 12, 2015

Filed under Lindsey Camp "What Do You Believe?"

A gay pride parade held in Jerusalem ended with sixteen year old Shira Banki stabbed to death by Yishai Shlissel, an Orthodox Jew. Before the incident occurred with Banki, Shlissel was released from prison, where he was held for...

“What Not To Wear”

by DeAira McCrory, Lead Photographer

August 10, 2015

Filed under De'Aira McCrory "What's Trending"

How would you react if you saw a Ku Klux Klan member wearing a pair of Air Jordan's at a parade ? Air Jordan's are pop-culture shoes manifested from Michael Jordan, the African American basketball icon. Commonly known, the...

Grown Enough

by Jedidah Taylor, Managing Editor

August 8, 2015

Filed under Jedidah Taylor "Where's The Boundary?"

Have you ever had a song you couldn’t get out of your head? Similarly, all my senses align with my mother's voice, over and over again: “I don’t care what you do you're grown; you’re too old for me to be telling you things.” Even...

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